Making the world more IT Friendly.

"onepoint is, after all, on a mission to make the world more IT friendly, improving people’s digital lives."

Chris Hazewinkel, Managing Director & Partner

Making the World More IT Friendly.

"onepoint is, after all, on a mission to make the world more IT friendly, improving people’s digital lives."

Chris Hazewinkel, Managing Director & Partner

Making the World More IT Friendly.

"onepoint is, after all, on a mission to make the world more IT friendly, improving people’s digital lives."

Chris Hazewinkel, Managing Director & Partner

onepoint NL

Our story and our mission

“IT as a Utility”

onepoint’s “IT as a Utility” solution was started in 2016 as a result of a simple observation: people and organizations have transformed how they live and work. All expect freedom of choice in apps & devices, processes, infra & connectivity, but old school IT has not adapted to this new agile reality, being rigid, complex, high-risk and unpredictable. This mismatch led the onepoint group to start “IT as a Utility.” Chris Hazewinkel and a team of 75 IT experts, formerly known as Qwise – acquired by the onepoint group -, created the “IT as a Utility” vision and developed onepoint’s Orchestration Portal to support it.

Business man with laptop who has the 24/7 connected world in the palm of his hand.

Utilities-ColorSync-Utility-icon IT as a Utility

onepoint netherlands is a bold, new initiative of the onepoint group, providing “IT as a Utility.” At onepoint, we’re always being challenged to create new business models that keep us ahead of the pack in the rapidly evolving IT world, gaining trust and simplicity.

IT icons Configure your IT

 Now we’re putting our skillset to work to demystify IT by offloading complexity, making IT easily configurable with metered solutions. Like configuring your car, you can now configure your IT. We provide you access to agile and potentially unlimited resources. Regardless of your fluctuating requirements for infra & connectivity, processes, or apps & devices, you pay per use.

dot The onepoint Group

The solid foundation of onepoint Netherlands is our international parent company, the onepoint group. We are a financially solid company located in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, while maintaining our headquarters in Paris, France. In less than 15 years, the onepoint group, which now employs more than 2,000 IT experts, has become a European leader in IT agility, improving people’s digital lives.

Our Values

And what they mean for you

download  Transparency

At onepoint, we believe in full transparency in everything we do.

It starts with a mindset of an open-door policy and open dialogue. The onepoint Orchestration Portal provides transparency through freedom of choice, open-book contracting and open monitoring.

dde Diversity

Further, we believe in diversity in everything we do.

It starts with the diversity of our own people and our broad range of partners. Together, we are on a journey to provide unlimited IT resources, independent of provider or brand.

comitment Commitment

Last, we believe in commitment in everything we do.

It starts with a commitment to our IT as a Utility vision, creating trust and simplicity. Always delivering business continuity, security and the lowest TCO possible. Step by step, we are growing the number of easy-to-configure integrated apps & devices, processes, infra & connectivity that we offer, so that people and organizations can easily use IT.

Our Solutions

Pay-per-use Solutions

Infra & Connectivity

At onepoint we have a state-of-the-art open-source service orchestration portal managing public clouds, private clouds and connectivity on a global scale. We select only certified datacenters to provide our services from. Security is in our DNA! With our Security Operations Center (SOC) we are uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end security and availability around the clock.


Our Agile methodology supports you in analyzing, virtualizing and in the end optimizing your business at an unprecedented pace. We improve your business and add value by integrating solutions from carefully selected best-of-breed technology partners like Citrix, Microsoft, RES, Amazon and many others. We claim thought leadership through our proven methods and highly certified and experienced experts.

Apps & Devices

Our end user computing experts combine deep knowledge in secure application delivery and mobility. We have the expertise to manage devices all over the globe in order to relieve you from day-to-day complex situations and stay in control of your business data. Our 500+ application consultants know all about Java and .NET.

Our Clients

A solid base in multiple industries

onepoint has built a solid base in finance, retail, industry, government, transport, energy & telecom and healthcare, and we have earned the complete trust of our customers in seven countries, customers to whom business continuity, security and the lowest TCO possible are paramount. Our client list is a “Who’s Who” of successful worldwide for-profit and nonprofit organizations—from BMW, KLM Airfrance, DHL, Nissan, G-Star, Virgin, Orange, ABN AMRO and the European Central Bank to Heineken.

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Our Services

How we serve you


When organizations consider digitizing their business to realize competitive advantage or business process effectiveness, onepoint, with more than 2000 sector specific experts will show you proven examples out of your sector with regards to Internet of Things, Big Data, All IP and SMART applications.
Our workshop approach consists of good listening and preparation, sector specific examples, interactive discussions and is full of innovative ideas. We will advise you on application integration and hybrid cloud infrastructures, assess and certify your IT infrastructure and Application landscape. Please also book a visit to our eXperience center via this website to have a workshop at our office and a look into the future.

Buy & Build

Our experts provide you with detailed and high level architecture advise of the IT future, based on your needs, including senior project experience on how to implement end-to-end working services. We have proven agile migration methodologies and expert program management that minimize time and risk for your organization when moving over to a hybrid cloud environment or when building and integrating a new application onto your existing infrastructure.
Companies that have a need for digitizing and have no idea what and how, onepoint is your one stop partner for full advice, services and integration from start to end. We offer our clients freedom of choice in proven and state-of-the art modern technology. We are fully transparent on costs and margins and in contracting. No complexity!

Our experts support you in IT service integration solutions. Once a solution is chosen, our team takes ownership of the implementation and makes sure the service becomes operational to the satisfaction of your customers. onepoint owns a worldwide independent cloud platform with routes to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to make sure the public area is integrated into our orchestration services. This will give you all the options – onepoint!


Our global services team will offer you 24/7 end-to-end service management for all services that we advise, offer, buy and build. The team has all the knowledge and certification on the latest technology in areas like Security, Business Continuity, App Lifecycle, Orchestration, Networking, Connectivity, Collaboration and Virtualization. The services team is not outsourced and works integrated with our experts in-house. Feel free to auto configure our managed services on this website and check out your TCO.

Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

adaptive multi-factor authentication (AMFA), improving enterprise security and productivity by delivering an easy to use and intelligent solution that helps ensure the safety of corporate networks and applications.

AMFA authenticates users through their mobile devices, helping IT managers address evolving business needs with cloud applications and mobile security by dynamically authenticating users based on geo-location and login behavior patterns.

The solution secures remote access systems including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and Checkpoint.

Governments, telcos, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 40 countries appreciate its cost effective, secure and easy-to-maintain offering, making onepoint NL their trusted partner to securely

authenticate access to services while preventing identity theft.

Delivering the AMFA service comes with the following components

  – Assessment of your business requirements for AMFA

 – Managed services

 – Experience level agreement for your business needs

 – Seamless integration into your business infrastructure









The onepoint Orchestration Portal

Joining forces with a wide range of partners such as Citrix, RES, Amazon, VMware, Nutanix and Microsoft, onepoint will help your IT become unassailably transparent with the lowest TCO possible. Through our Orchestration Portal, we open all the books. You benefit not only financially from optimized purchase margins but also from being in control by monitoring business continuity. The Orchestration Portal also provides you with a dashboard for analytics and eLearning.



The onepoint eXperience

A Unique Facility

The onepoint eXperience, based in Amsterdam, is a unique, innovative facility and playground specifically designed to showcase our “IT as a Utility” solutions in a live environment. The Center screens a variety of demos that simulate everyday apps & devices, process, and infra & connectivity scenarios, including the latest gadgets, virtual reality and IOT configurations. The demos emphasize various aspects and perspectives of the customer experience and onepoint’s current and future offerings and capabilities. Among others, we showcase the onepoint IT Orchestration Portal that delivers full freedom-of-choice in a pay-per-use model.

The onepoint eXperience logo
Button to click on if you want to book a visit to our eXperience center

Our Visitors

The center is aimed at CXOs, VPs and Business and IT Managers from mid-sized and large for-profit and nonprofit organizations. At the onepoint eXperience, we facilitate an open-door policy, open-book contracting and above all open dialogue to learn and share. It’s a great way to learn about onepoint’s “IT as a Utility” solutions, gain business trust and simplify IT.

Book a visit to the onepoint eXperience or just stop by without prior notice for a coffee, a chat with our people or a working day in our Agile Office!


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