Gamification boosts cybersecurity at BNP Paribas

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Gamification BNP Paribas

Gamification boosts cybersecurity at BNP Paribas

Data leaks, ransomware, phishing, physical intrusions… Security threats faced by organizations these days are greater than ever.

The majority of cyberattackers try to take advantage of human error, and avoidable human behavior is, in fact, behind two thirds of current breaches.

Employees as a “shield” against cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity can no longer be the exclusive domain of technical experts. It is true that businesses face the challenge of reinforcing their security measures, but also of turning their employees into a real shield against these threats.

Onepoint responded to BNP Paribas’ need by developing a solution based on the expertise of both its cybersecurity community and Trixir’s, its gamification subsidiary.

Information is no longer enough. Employees must be actively involved in security too. This realization led to the choice of a gamified approach, since game is a proven e-learning tool and an uncontested means to create unity and engagement.

Through a combination of expertise in gamification and cybersecurity, onepoint developed an engaging serious game that closely reflected real threats that employees may encounter at work.

Users enter an immersive environment where they come across different high-risk situations (phishing and physical intrusion attempts, password management…) and learn the best way to deal with them. They also learn to improve their collaboration with the organization’s security team and to spread the acquired knowledge in order to become ambassadors of cyber defense.

Over 17,000 employees having participated in this adventure are now ambassadors of cybersecurity within BNP Paribas. Game mechanics were instrumental in engaging employees: over 96% finished all of the missions, learning good practices and reducing exposition to threats in the process.

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