onepoint and weave are coming together and opening up a new era in business transformation consulting

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onepoint and weave are coming together and opening up a new era in business transformation consulting

onepoint, a major player in digital transformation and weave, a pioneer in augmented consulting strategy, combining design thinking, data and technology, have decided to work together and create a unique European leader in business transformation, in terms of identity and expertise.

The outcome of this deal is a 100% acquisition of weave’s capital from the NiXEN investment fund by onepoint and by weave’s partners for €120 million. Onepoint will thus grow to 2,300 employees in Europe, North Africa, North America, Australia and Singapore, and is targeting a turnover of nearly €300 million.

This collaboration, desired by the both founding presidents and unanimously approved by weave’s partners, is above all an entrepreneurial project based on a shared vision and a common ambition: to reinvent traditional consulting models and create the European leader in digital transformation for companies and the public sector. Its ambition: reaching the 1 billion euros turnover milestone within 5 years.

All of weave’s partners have chosen to reinvest, by becoming onepoint shareholders. Within two years, all of the group’s employees will be able to subscribe to the company’s capital. Consequently, 15% of the company’s capital will be held by the partners and employees.

In an increasingly complex world that is difficult to apprehend, companies and administration leaders are looking for consultancy in their multidimensional transformation, by bringing together all expertises around highly operational uses, in order to achieve a tangible perceived value.

This transformation is a human and business issue as much as it is technological. « We are convinced that business managers will gradually become “citizen data scientists” and that combining business knowledge with artificial intelligence will make it possible to develop real innovations. With this alliance, we will be able to propose new consulting models, based on a “maker” approach, that materializes strategic recommendations by mobilizing all business expertises» – explains Didier Rousseau, founding president of weave.

« Onepoint and weave had the same intuition: only a holistic vision combining the approaches of experts from all fields constitutes an appropriate response to the transformation challenges of companies and public actors. They now expect their transformation partner to be able to understand their business challenges, create new business models and operate the technology and the solution.» confirms David Layani, founding president of onepoint.

Both companies’ organizational model and culture have a lot in common: the same openness, open innovation spaces, startup ecosystems and a managerial culture based on authenticity, benevolence, commitment and expertise development.

“We are perfectly aligned and we will quickly become a new kind of player, that mixes business consulting, design thinking, data and technology” said David Layani.

« NiXEN is proud to have supported weave over the past four years and to have enabled the union that made the most sense from an industrial point of view, particularly in terms of value creation » said Jean-Paul Bernardini and Vincent Houlot, associates at NiXEN Partners.

« It is a real motivation for us to participate in a collective that embodies innovation in its own organization and in the service of its clients, always placing the human being and people first » explained Olivier Reisse and Alexandre Meyer, founders of the Technology Consulting and Banking & Insurance activities at weave respectively.

About onepoint

onepoint is a creator of digital transformation solutions for companies and administrations, supporting its clients from the strategic vision to the technological execution. In just over 15 years, it has become a major player in digital transformation and employs 1850 people in Europe (Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Benelux, United Kingdom), Tunisia, North America, Australia and Singapore.

Based on an open organization and ecosystem, onepoint is developing an innovative business model that unleashes talent and creativity.

As a leader, onepoint manages complexity, invents new models, experiments them and deploys them for its clients.

Companies that are leaders in their market call upon onepoint to carry out complete transformation projects, consisting of creating new business models, implementing them from a technological and human point of view and co-operating with its clients.

Combining the approaches of experts from all fields (developers, architects, artificial intelligence and data specialists, designers and strategists), onepoint defines and deploys the relevant digital solutions, with redesigned organizations and management methods, so that its clients can innovate and remain competitive in the digital age.

About weave 

Weave, augmented consulting collective, acts as a Pioneer & Maker. For 15 years now, weave has shaken up the consulting world with a perception of technology without complexes, and a strong will to address the market differently.

As an augmented strategy consultancy, weave has more than 400 experts regarding the stakes of strategic and complex businesses like the revolution that is witnessed through open banking, the digitalization of the agricultural sector, AI, 4.0 industry and even wise cities.
Augmented strategy, with audacity, transforms the role of a consultant by adding new skills to the initial job: UX, to redesign technology by being user-centric – Design thinking, to experiment – Data, to invent new business models.

Weave provides counsel to major businesses as well as medium-sized companies in France and Europe, to build their growth strategy, new business models, in a growingly digital economy, and recommends them the technical solutions that most meet their needs, after an experimental process and through sophisticated digital tools.

With an open innovation approach, weave brings together in Paris and in California an ecosystem of startups and experts that enrich its counsel by offering a ready to use implementation.

Weave is also defined by a strong social responsibility, initiated in 2014 through the creation of a non profit with 3 pairs of CO Conseil acting in the field of social and solidarity economy.

Audacity, excellence, intuition, humility and passion are the values that define the firm.